Dump Your Resistance

A directory of courses and discussions, based on the work of Lester Levenson, founder of the Sedona Method and Release Technique, to help you acknowledge your feelings and get them out of the way of your beingness.

The Sedona Method The course by Hale Dwoskin
Hale’s Blog Hale Dwoskin’s blog on The Huffington Post
The Release Technique The course by Larry Crane
Center For Releasing Rick Solomon and Kate Freeman’s version of the basic releasing course.
Power of Quiet The course by Kris Dillard
Sedona Method Review A very honest review of the Sedona Method
Sedona Method Releasing Worldwide Live events around the world and private coaching exclusively in The Sedona Method.
Sedona Method Coaching Personal coaching and free support calls from Susan Seifert
Lester and Me The course by Steven Seretan
HOOTLESS Discussion group and Social Network
Sedona Releasing Letting Go With Ease & Grace. Rick Solomon’s online community dedicated to letting go and revealing the simple truth of our inherent Freedom.
About My Teacher Laura Lucille’s summary of Lester’s story
David Ellzey’s Sedona Method Page Get Free Instant Access to a quieter, clearer mind with David Ellzey and The Sedona Method™
Lester Levenson Simply a site about Lester
“Keys To The Ultimate Freedom” at StillnessSpeaks Lester’s book, a collection of talks and aphorisms in PDF format
The Purpose Fairy Not related to the Sedona Method, but a lot of what the Purpose Fairy talks about is right down the same alley